The School for Contemplative Living
Friday, December 03, 2021
Listening in Stillness, Serving in Joy!

Our Spiritual Companions

Spiritual Directors: Care of Soul and Spirit
There are  times when we want to share our spiritual journey one-on-one with a trusted companion. We need a seasoned guide who will join us in examining our life with God--someone who will simply consider our spiritual journey with us without judgment or advice or "answers."

Spiritual directors have years of training, certification, and practice in being present and honoring the ways of the soul.
The School for Contemplative Living has many spiritual directors who are willing to sit with individuals who want a friend for the journey. You may contact the School for help in selecting the person who will best meet your needs or email one of us directly. Some of us are offering online sessions.
We are:

Paul Beedle New Orleans,

Irvin Boudreaux New Orleans,

Mark Bugg New Orleans,

Jan Bugg New Orleans,

Maggie Dawson Metairie,

Janet Davis Metairie,

Lisa Frost, Baton Rouge,

Linda Hall, Metairie,
Jane Knight  Slidell,
Dolly Smith Mandeville/Covington, 
William Thiele New Orleans,

Please note: Costs related to spiritual direction, if any, may be discussed with the individual spiritual directors.