The School for Contemplative Living
Friday, December 03, 2021
Listening in Stillness, Serving in Joy!
As a community we are committing to enter the inner sanctuary of the soul both in solitude and in community. Each of us, in our own ways, simply lives life and serves the world from that sanctuary. This is our way of practicing the Presence of God. As best we can we seek to consecrate our moments, our days, and our lives in union with God for this inward/outward journey. (See our vows below).
We gather for mutual support as often as we can, and we welcome all gender identities and sexual orientations. We are actually many little communities. We gather in homes, non-profits, and churches of various faiths. We are grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition, and most of us follow the Way of Christ, (but there are practicing Jews, Buddhists, agnostics, Sufis, and members of 12-Step groups who simply live through a Higher Power among us). Together, we use contemplative practices that lead us to a sense of oneness with the One. You are welcome to be part of this community. ALL are welcome!
Are you seeking a spiritual path that unites contemplative experience and service in the world? Do you need contemplative community? Come be one with the One alongside us. We invite you to Contact Us and connect by practicing with us!

"You are invited into the precarious balancing of the precious gift of your hours to pass a little time in the company of fellow seekers, as we long for the very Presence of the living God, and Source our lives in that country to serve this world with joy!"
Vows for A Contemplative Community
The Consecrated Practice
We offer one time, set aside each day, for "God alone." Let other time be dedicated to sacred reading, reflecting, thinking, writing, other forms of prayer, communicating with others, serving the needs of the world. We give one time for the love of God alone: loving God for God's own sake; breathing our way into union with the Divine, practicing the presence of God.
We let there be no other purpose to this time. We do not seek to receive messages. We do not try to figure out the problems of our lives, or those of others. We do not try to fix anything. There is a place in the soul where we are not broken. We go to this place of innate wholeness in the inner being.
We enter there the sanctuary of the soul. We bow before the One who has called us into being. We practice simple being for one little consecrated time, breathing in the Presence. No need for words when with this One. Here begins our contemplative call.
The Consecrated Day
Just this day given to God: turning all our efforts and cares over to the One who cares for us; serving in more than our own strength; becoming activists under the moment by moment guidance of the One who calls us to kingdom activity; working from the Source, out of the fullness God gives in each moment.
This day is not about working to exhaustion, or frantically striving to save the world, while we become empty. We have known that life, and it is no longer our life.
We live our days in consecration now. We do not answer every call to busyness. We do not work outside our personal giftedness, just because we can. We keep turning to the Giver of Life, all through the day, asking, "Is this You calling?" As we encounter each person we keep leaning into that spiritual intuition to learn when to speak and when to keep silent, when to act and when to remain still. Union with the Divine does not end with the first hour of the day. Herein is our consecrated, contemplative day.
The Consecrated Life
Our decisions are made in union with the Holy. We cannot rely on reason and logic alone, as they never did contain the greater wisdom we sought. We seek something Higher and Truer as a Source of guidance now. We listen deep. We listen long. We bring our longing Home, and find there the way to a consecrated life.
We seek clearness in our lives in consultation with the Contemplative Community. We know our judgments can become skewed, our purposes unbalanced. So we turn to each other, trusting that a Voice from the Inner Sanctuary will emerge from group listening.
We regularly gather as a community for worship, sharing our lives, mutual support of our consecrated intention to live the contemplative life, joyful fellowship, and periods of discernment for our individual and community lives. In these vows we have committed our lives to become A Contemplative Community, contemplatives serving the world through prayer and action.