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Tuesday, August 04, 2020
Listening in Stillness, Serving in Joy!

Centering Prayer Retreat 2020

Contemplative Outreach of New Orleans and
the School for Contemplative Living present a

with Bob Mischke, Contemplative Outreach Denver

Thursday, August 20 -- Sunday, August 23 

Suggested cost is $45.00, (partial scholarships available)
This retreat will be an opportunity to complement our basic Centering Prayer practice with a deeper experiential understanding of the Active Prayer Phrase, the Welcoming Prayer, Guard of the Heart and Presence Practice.

As Fr. Thomas Keating says, “We invite Holy Spirit to extend the wall of our inner room to all of life.” “If you do centering prayer and don’t bring it into active life –
like the welcoming prayer, the active prayer phrase, and guard of the heart – you will have trouble.”

“It is not enough to do the practice itself even if this is done twice a day,
unless at the same time one carries into daily life the effects of the humility…
as time goes on divine therapist extends the walls of our office, so to speak,
our inner room, to the whole of life so that everything becomes a process
of purification, of healing, and of releasing the unconscious.”
Thomas Keating (from the Heartfulness video segment)

Bob Mischke studied these practices under the guidance of Fr. Thomas Keating.

Do not let the cost prevent you from attending. Scholarships are available upon request.
For Registration: See homepage. Please register early as attendance will be limited.
Deadline for registration is August 15 th .

For further information contact: Maggie Dawson at

Bob’s Centering Prayer journey began in 1993 when he read The Cloud of Unknowing in South America while on a spiritual retreat. He had just left his medical practice of Ear Surgery early in order to pursue what he felt would be a deeper form of healing. He met Fr. Thomas Keating and has been involved in Centering Prayer ever since with Denver’s Center for Contemplative Living. There he serves on the Advisory Council, presents Introductory Workshops and
workshops on the practices to be explored at this retreat, and a 9-month course called the Contemplative Living Experience program. He has attended annual retreats at St. Benedict’s monastery for 28 yrs. and studied Eckhart Tolle’s teachings for 20 yrs.
This retreat is geared to participants who have an established daily Centering Prayer or other meditative practice. Beginners are also welcome. There will be a basic introduction to Centering Prayer on Thursday night, August 20.

Retreat Schedule: (All times are Central Standard).

Thursday Evening 6:30pm - 8:30pm (August 20, 2020)

6:30pm          Zoom orientation

6:45                Centering Prayer (30 minutes)

7:15                 “Review of Basics of Centering Prayer”

8:15                 Questions and Discussion

Friday (August 21st)

 9:00 am         Centering Prayer

 9:30 - 11 am  “Active Prayer Phrase”   
 12-1:05 pm  
Two Centering Prayer periods with a 5 minute walking break.

 3:00 pm         Centering Prayer

 3:30 pm         “Welcoming Prayer Practice”

 4:15 - 5 pm     Share experiences, questions and responses with Bob.

 7:00pm          Breakout rooms – discuss and share the day’s learning

8-8:30 pm     Re-assembly for sharing, questions and responses with Bob

Saturday (August 22nd)

9:00 am         Centering Prayer

9:30 - 11 am  “Guard of the Heart”  
12-1:05 pm  
Two Centering Prayer periods and 5 minute break.

3:00 pm         Centering Prayer

3:30 pm         “Guard of the Heart and Practicing Presence”

4:30-5 pm      Share experience, questions and responses with Bob

 7:00 pm         Breakout rooms – discuss and sharing

8-8:30 pm     Re-assembly for sharing, questions and responses with Bob

Sunday (August 23nd)

9:00 am         Centering Prayer

9:30 am         Review and putting it all together.

                        “Surrender and Practicing Presence” 

10:30 am       Final sharing and closing 

This will be an online retreat offered on the Zoom platform. You will need to have Zoom downloaded to your device –
Contemplative Outreach of New Orleans is a chapter of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., a world-wide organization founded by Fr. Thomas Keating. Part of its mission is to bring the ancient Christian practice of contemplative prayer to the modern community, primarily through the teaching of the practice of Centering Prayer.
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