The School for Contemplative Living
Thursday, October 22, 2020
Listening in Stillness, Serving in Joy!
We bring our oneness with God into our jobs in daily life, and we serve together as we are able. We simply seek to be prayer--to live in prayerful awareness of the One in whom we live and breathe and have our being. We are trying to learn how to be a prayerful presence in the wild world of New Orleans, Louisiana. Today some of us work together with the street friends of our city, and listening to people's stories at Luke's House, (a free medical clinic), and teaching compassion cultivation with men inside Angola and returning citizens as they come out, and in the Good Samaritan feeding and housing ministry each week at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. But that work is no more holy than the presence members bring to their roles of mom, physician, teacher, human resources director, classical guitarist in an oncology clinic, lawyer, librarian, business owner, clerk, pastor, AA member, ecology writer, furniture maker, spiritual director, potter, occupational therapist....You get the point!

Since we all need support for a transformational spiritual journey, we offer individual spiritual direction through several certified spiritual directors around the region. We are glad to help you select a spiritual companion.


If anything is unique about what's happening among us, it's that we are seeking to balance the inner filling we receive in contemplative practice with service that reaches outward into the world. We do not serve in our own strength and risk burning out. We've tried that life and it no longer serves us well. Now we seek to serve from our fullness and our oneness, and, as we can, we seek to stay connected with the One while we are serving. In our better moments, this means we really do "serve in joy." See below for some examples.


Good Samaritan Ministry with street friends

Each Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm, folks gather to begin our ministry with the street friends of New Orleans. It is a time of great fellowship for everyone as well as a time for many to receive vouchers for an evening's stay at the Salvation Army. We gather and share hot meals, free books, clothes, and toiletries. Extra hands are always needed and welcome. You may contact William Thiele with questions about the Good Samaritan ministry at